The Art of Conviviality
NYE Dinner & Stay

A story of friendship, food, connection & late night magic

New Year ́s Eve is one of the most extraordinary moments for our Nômade community.

Embark on a journey where strangers gather around a long table in a dinner party for all of the senses, and music returns us to our primal ways of connecting with ourselves and with one another. From the simple pleasures of a conversation that takes us into the afterhours, to deep connections under a night sky, illuminated, and finding ourselves at home, among strangers.

Together, we walk into the New Year in celebration... in convivium.

*Minimum of 3-night stay is required
*Check-in not available after December 28

NYE Dinner
Nomades from around the world have a seat at our table

Join us around a long table to discover a shared language through food. Passing plates, exchanging stories and igniting nocturnal energies.

Experience a seasonal menu, curated by Chef Elias Silvas, showcasing a diverse use of ingredients and varied flavors, while capturing the essence of the region.

This is a dinner party for all of the senses.


Y SU LEY | 19:30

This quartet made up of Maestro Carrasco is a sound journey through old Cuba. Their music features various percussions, bass, flute and cuban keys.

JC ANANDA | 21:00

JC Ananda grew up inspired by African and European sounds. Having lived between Switzerland, the US, Africa and Mexico, her music production and DJ style both illustrate her international background and sense of rhythm.

AWARË | 00:00

Mati and Bogdan are a duo of long-time friends on a life journey. Masters of exploring the subtle space in music and playing the strings of the mind-heart connection. Their sound is a congruent resonance of individual and global truth.

LUM | 01:30

LUM delivers a ritual séance for the acquisition of one’s essence through sounds as a spiritual encounter. A ceremony and sensorial journey through the mix of various electronic explorations.